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Consulting services

As a complement to our training public and private sessions, we offer consulting services in the following areas (always in relation to one of our preferred software: SAS, SPSS, Crystal Reports, Statistica, S-Plus and MINITAB):

  CoachingWe are assisting one or more persons embodiment, in order to transfer a maximum of knowledge and skills while performing practical work.

  DevelopmentWe develop a projet or part of a projet which can not be completed by the resources at your disposal.
  Access to databases and any type of fileSome files or databases may require some specific adjustments in order to be interpreted correctly and respect data integrity.  Our experience in this area is rich and varied.
  Processing time optimizationWe know how to reduce execution time for especially complex jobs.
  Process automatizationOur philosophy is that endless repetition of manual tasks is very costly and always risky.  We can help you automate repetitive tasks in producing informational results, which will reduce delays and free productive time for you or your team.
  System implementation and customizationIf you don't have required resources at your disposal for implementing and customizing your data analysis software, our experience is available any time.
  Selection of software or optional modulesYou may not have the proper software or optional module to meet your informational data requirements, you may also pay for modules that you simply don't need.  Let us help you make a judicious selection and possibly reduce your software expenses.
  Specific programmingSome informational data requirements may imply complex transformations of your original data and programming involved may be beyond your present aptitudes.  We know and apply all programming tips and techniques in order to deliver what you exactly need.
  Electronic distributionSoftware systems such as SAS and Crystal Reports feature new technologies for distributing results in HTML, PDF, RTF or other formats.  We can assist you in transforming your traditional documents into dynamic documents that will enhance productivity and reduce distribution costs.
  Project managementYou have qualified resources to develop a projet but unsuited in supervising such a team, we will assist you either by taking charge of the full project, or as advisors on an ad hoc basis.
  DocumentationDocumentation is too often forgotten for informational applications, which creates nightmares when inevitable modifications arise.  We will guide you in defining what and how should document, or we can realize the full documentation for you.

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