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On-site training is the solution selected by a majority of our customers. Compared to the public sessions offered in our own classrooms, here are some advantages you may want to consider :

  • The actual contents and duration of the session are addressing your specific requirements. We often assemble the contents of your training session from various portions of our standard offerings. Your organization saves both on the duration of each session (training fees and participants paid time) and on the number of different sessions required.
  • Teaching and participants exercises are done in your own environment and may, under special conditions, include your own data. This often helps attaining an easier and better comprehension.
  • Our training fees are based on a lump sum payment covering up to 12 participants and including our travel expenses (within Quebec and Ontario). The more you train people, the more you save !
  • No other expenses for your organization (transport, parking, meals, etc.).

If you need on-site training but don't have a classroom available, we can arrange to provide customized training in one of our own classrooms for minimal fees.

Calendar of sessions

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